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Khamma Ghani sa !!! Welcome to the blue city Jodhpur. Jodhpur is a beautiful place to visit as there are so many things to explore. As Jodhpur is a combination of big roads as well as tiny streets so there are so many places where a car cannot go or if the car goes then it will be stuck in traffic so renting a bike in a very convenient option to visit Jodhpur in a glance.

About Jodhpur and Bike on rent in Jodhpur

Bike on rent in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is the 2nd largest city in Rajasthan and it is growing day by day in term of tourism because of its iconic fort and places. Jodhpur has attracted so many tourists from all over the globe because of its uniqueness and heritage.
Jodhpur has too much to offer in term of touristic and get away places as well as so many historical food options. Jodhpur is a mix of the old city and new city. As new Jodhpur city is well planned and managed while old Jodhpur has very tiny streets which is so much crowed and no 4 wheeler can Go so mostly tourist has only option to visit Jodhpur is to rent a bike in Jodhpur.
Bike renting culture is not so new in Jodhpur as it is still growing and tourists and backpackers started exploring jodhpur on the bike because a bike can go to places where the normal touristic vehicle cannot go and people can explore unseen places and see a different side of Jodhpur. So as per my choice of renting a bike in Jodhpur is the best option to explore Jodhpur.

Where can i get bike on rent in Jodhpur?

Renting a bike on rent in Jodhpur is easily accessible. There are several companies which are operating in jodhpur i.e.,,, and
these companies try their best to provide the best service to their customer and best bike renting experience so that bike rental culture grows more in Jodhpur but Jodhpur bikes have clear upper edge in this service in Jodhpur as unlike other companies Jodhpur bikes don't have any 3rd party vendors because jodhpur bikes is purely jodhpur based startup and have its own bikes and directly responsible for service to their customers. is located only 100 meters from Jodhpur railway station where you can pick your bike and drop also. but if you are not coming to Jodhpur via train and your hotel is a little far from the railway station then also there is nothing to worry as we provide bikes directly to your hotel with a minimum delivery charge.
To book a bike online here is the list if available bikes on rent where you can select your favorite bike for rental service.

Available bikes for Bike on rent in jodhpur
Royal Enfield Classic 350

1199/ Day

  • 2 seats
  • 5 Gear
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Honda Activa

349/ Day

  • 2 seats
  • Automatic
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Hero HF Deluxe

349/ Day

  • 2 seats
  • 4 Gear
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